What can you use .Quest domains for?

Any business, individual, or organization can utilize the .Quest domain to create an expert online presence. The .Quest domain is unrestricted and truly generic, meant for all topics. As an affordable and memorable domain, .Quest can help your customers, fans, and community members find and remember your website.

What are some ideas for .Quest websites?

Choose a .Quest domain to appeal to your potential customers seeking your specific product or service with YourProduct.Quest. Chart and share your personal path toward achieving your goals with YourName.Quest or YourMission.Quest. Create a community for like minded individuals who are on the same journey with YourOrganization.Quest. Perfect for any industry or interest, use .Quest domains to proclaim your website as the leading landing place for your audience.

Where do I buy .Quest?

Any business, individual, or organization may register the available .Quest domain(s) of their choice with any one of our retail partners, including GoDaddy and Namecheap.

How do I use .Quest?

Use .Quest domains as a memorable and affordable domain ending for your website and email address.

Why should I choose .Quest?

Build an expert online presence with .Quest. The .Quest domain helps you to:

  • Attract clients with the a domain ending that shows your audience their search is complete with your URL
  • Mark your website as the leading place for your audience with a domain that signifies that you are the premier destination
  • Support the personal quest of others with a domain that complements the meaning of your shared journey
  • Showcase your progress towards personal growth on a domain name that indicates your dedication to going after your goals
  • Brand your business on a domain made for those who are always pursuing excellence

Who is using .Quest?

Businesses, individuals, and organizations all over the world are using .Quest domains for their memorable and striking websites.

  • Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched Justin.Quest as the dedicated home for his podcast The Quest
  • Decentralized game A Quest for Adventurers registered A.Quest for their game of “grand cooperation, puzzle solving, and difficult decisions”
  • German software company Social Quest launched their online game on Social.Quest for their users to create and complete challenges with other players
  • Virtual Reality (VR) online gaming hub SideQuest registered Side.Quest to promote its wide variety of interactive games